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The story of BOOK-A-TALE

In January 2016, Agnes and Lida met in Athens.

Since then, they create children’s books and make them travel into the world. Building stories from scratch, exploring imagination and real life, finding and believing in the chemistry of creation.

Book-A-Tale - Agnes Verboven

Agnes Verboven


Born in Hasselt, Belgium.

Her mother loved books and her older brothers and sister, being a big advantage, taught her how to read on an early age. When 5, she could read almost everything and reading never stopped in her life.

A master degree in Economics, combined with the love for books, was leading her to a career in publishing. More specific to children’s books publishing. This thanks to the joy she took in reading books to her own children. Children’s books became a passion.

This ultimate joy she wanted to share with as many children as possible. By writing stories herself, often inspired by her own children.

Book-A-Tale - Lida Varvarousi

Lida Varvarousi


Born in Athens, Greece.

I grew up in my mother’s atelier. She was a painter. My dad a traveller.

They both loved humour and books.

The fact that I grew up in a flat, where Parthenon was visible from my terrace, got me in contact with the power of simplicity of the forms and the lines of the classic spirit. I was very influenced by the magic of light.

As an only child in a big city, my best friends were books and animals. Whom I loved to sketch.

No wonder that I choose for an Art education.